3 Reasons Why Millennials are Opting for Lab-Grown Diamonds

New techniques are producing laboratory-made diamonds that even experts have a hard time distinguishing from natural diamonds. Although this process initiated as early as the 1950s, it is only recently that these gems have become commercial for jewelry purposes and Millennials are loving them for various reasons.

  1. Ethics: Some buyers worry they might be buying a “blood diamond” or “conflict diamond.” Such diamonds typically originate in war-torn African countries, and the large profits associated with them have led to the purchase of weapons that fuel armed conflicts.
  1. Cost: There are plenty of things a young couple can do with tens of thousands of dollars rather than spending it on a rock. Buying a real diamond is just one more way that wedding costs can quickly soar out of control.
  1. Trust: This third reason for buying a synthetic stone — because you can be certain of what you’re getting — may seem counterintuitive at first. The quality of synthetics is so high that the diamond industry acknowledges that it’s difficult even for experts to distinguish synthetics from natural stones.

Source: MoneyTalksNews