6 Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles for 2020

As 2019 is coming to an end, searches for engagement rings have increased on average by 40%. The holidays have always served as the perfect time to pop the question since you’re surrounded by family and friends, and it’s already a joyous time of the year. If you’re definitely planning on proposing sometime in the new year, you should know what kind of styles and trends are being predicted for the start of the new decade.

  1. Sustainability
    More and more couples are choosing the eco-friendly alternative! According to a study done by a LGD company, "Around 70% of millennials are saying they're considering cultured (also called cultivated or lab-grown) diamonds for their rings”. Lab-grown diamonds are 100% conflict-free, and do not harm the environment or threaten ethical standards of workers like diamond mining does.

  2. Multi-Stone
    This new trend is thanks to the royal Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle. Her famous engagement ring was a classy, traditional 3-stone ring, and gained a lot of attention in the media. This style has become more popular since the announcement of their engagement last year, and it looks like the Duchess’ influence will carry over into 2020.

  3. Colored Stones
    Everyone wants their engagement ring to be unique and stand out among the rest. One way to achieve this is choosing a colored stone rather than a traditional clear diamond. Some popular colours have been peach, champagne, and yellow. Pinterest has also seen a 208% search increase for turquoise-colored rings!

  4. Emerald Cut
    This diamond cut has gained popularity due to the recent engagement of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. The cut also has a timeless, sophisticated feel to it, and the elongated shape makes a diamond appear larger than it actually is (what every girl wants!).

  5. Pavé Bands
    The more sparkle, the better! Not only does a pavé band compliment your center stone, but it adds that extra wow factor that will make her want to show it off to everyone she knows (and doesn’t know!)

  6. Solitaire
    One of the most classic designs. A plain band, with a single center stone on display. This design is timeless, classic and is perfect for anyone who loves simplicity.

Source: Yahoo! Style