7 Reasons to Choose Lab Grown Diamonds

Simulated diamonds or lab manufactured diamonds are gaining tremendous popularity over the past few years and are now ideal alternatives to natural grown ones. These man-made diamonds come with their own set of advantages that are sure to convince you to invest in one.

Man-made diamonds and natural ones are the same thing
Natural and man-made diamonds are incredibly difficult to tell apart because they both carry exactly the same molecular structure

Bigger and clearer

Thanks to the highly controlled production conditions, scientists are now able to create clearer and bigger diamonds with greater regularity.

Less expensive

These are less expensive as their production does not take millions of years like their natural counterparts.

Environment-Friendly production

Artificial diamonds are made with a modest amount of resources and are created inside laboratories with least damage to the environment.

Lab diamonds are guaranteed to be free from conflict

Lab diamonds are created by qualified and trained professionals and there is absolutely no doubt or conflict about their origin.

Colored lab grown diamonds are not as expensive

Lab grown blue and yellow CVD rocks are only about 10% of the price as compared to their mined versions.

Greater clarity from lab diamonds

Lab grown gems are manufactured in controlled conditions which is why there is a higher probability for clearer and larger stones. The manufacturers of these diamonds have effectively managed to refine their techniques in order to ensure flawless quality.

Source: Sooper Articles