A New Dawn of Jewelry has Emerged

Ask almost anyone a couple of decades ago if they’d be interested in buying a Diamond made in a lab—one that’s more environmentally friendly, without mining and pollution of groundwater—and they would most likely look at you like you were crazy. Why would we even need to grow a diamond if we had plenty of mining left that we could still do? Why worry about polluting if “global warming” is just a “theory?”

Luxury has never been as democratised as it is now, and consumers demand transparency.  The promise of high quality and prestige is no longer enough, as consumers now look for ethical and responsible practices. Sustainability has never been more of a hot topic.

A lab-grown diamond is produced at 7 times less the environmental cost than a mined one; one that goes beyond the Kimberley Process definition of “conflict-free”. It allows us a new way forward in fine jewellery. Purchasing and supporting sustainable products is increasingly becoming a “common sense” practice for consumers.

The time for Cultured Diamonds is now. We have never been more ready to embrace diamonds grown by the genius of human innovation. Not only have humans perfected the science of growing perfect gem-quality diamonds, but we can now do so with 100% renewable energy. Cultured diamonds will still last us forever, and they have great emotional value to us and to those around us. This progressive jewellery we pass on to our future generations will carry the guarantee that it did not cost our planet or its people.

Source : Blogarama