Ethical engagement rings for the socially conscious couple

As the world moves towards supporting sustainable practices and ethical businesses, young diamond buyers, in particular, are increasingly conscious about their social and ethical responsibilities and also want to be assured of both quality and integrity before making a purchase.

For those who do not know, the mining of diamonds, with its risks of accidents and exposure to toxic elements, is the most dangerous task in the world. If you are not careful and fail to pay attention, that particular stone in front of you could be a blood diamond smuggled out from a war-torn country, and buying that makes you a contributor to a bloody conflict.

Your engagement ring should be a symbol of love, but what if that love could go beyond the one shared between you and your significant other?

Lab-grown diamonds are the ultimate alternatives and boast higher purity ratings than natural diamonds. More importantly, these man-made stones are completely sustainable and conflict-free thereby giving you complete peace of mind regarding your purchase.

Source: Lifestyle Asia