Exploring the Benefits of Lab-Grown Diamonds

One way to ensure a diamond is conflict-free is to choose a lab grown diamond, also known as cultured diamonds.  Not only are lab grown diamonds an ethical choice, but they could be better for the environment too for the following reasons.

Lab grown diamonds are an ethical choice

It’s important to know the origins of any diamonds you buy and whilst you might be able to ensure your diamond has not come from a region of conflict, you could be supporting an area where child labour is rife.  Many countries have poor working conditions for the miners which need to change.

Lab grown diamonds are just as stunning as mined diamonds

One common misconception of lab grown diamonds is that they look different, but this couldn’t be further than the truth. They are real diamonds that are made by simulating the environment it takes for a diamond to form in the Earth.  These are real diamonds, chemically and physically exactly the same, just made using a sped up process in a lab.

Lab grown diamonds are an environmentally friendly choice

Growing diamonds in a lab is potentially much better for the environment.  Diamond mines are some of the largest holes that are ever dug which mean a lot of land is displaced, trees felled and wildlife lose their home.  Digging these mines takes a lot of energy and uses a lot of fossil fuels.

Lab grown diamonds are an ethical consumer choice to tackle the immorality of blood diamonds, poor working conditions and child labour.  They also have many eco-friendly benefits, especially when sourced from labs using renewable energy sources.

Source : Healthy Vix