Global Lab Grown Diamond Market Expected to Grow Rapidly

Man-made diamonds are lab grown or laboratory produced diamonds. The physical and chemical properties of lab grown diamonds are identifcal to those of mined diamonds.

Lab grown diamonds are also known as cultivated or cultured diamonds.

Lab grown diamonds are manufactured in the laboratory by using CVD (chemical vapor deposition) or HPHT (high pressure high temperature) processes.

Increasing demand for lab grown diamonds in industrial applications will boost the lab grown diamond market dramatically in the next few years. Lab grown diamonds are widely utilized in computer chip production, construction, machinery production, mining services (such as drilling for minerals), gem exploration, stone cutting and polishing, surgery, astronomy, experimental physics, and electronics.

Lab grown diamonds are also known for their usage in oil & gas drills, as no other material is capable of handling extreme conditions. Lab grown diamond-based products are also being employed in industrial and household water treatment. Polycrystalline CVDs are an essential component in high-performance loudspeakers. Lab grown diamond detectors of ultraviolet light particles are used at high-energy research facilities and are available commercially.

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