Here’s Why Man Made Diamonds are the Future

It was never expected that technology in the industry would be able to create a diamond which would have the exact properties as that of natural diamonds, but today it has advanced to such a great extent that man made diamonds are poised to be the future of the industry.

Here are the main reasons why man made diamonds are better than natural diamonds and will serve the industry well into the future:

  • Man made diamonds do not fund conflicts and wars, unlike blood diamonds (natural diamonds).
  • Man made diamonds are created in labs and do not cause pollution and environmental degradation, like the mining of natural diamonds.
  • Man made diamonds are 20%-30% cheaper than natural diamonds.
  • Almost all man made diamonds are Type 2a, which is very rare among mined diamonds.
  • Man made diamonds do not have any fluorescence.
  • Man made fancy diamonds and loose diamonds can meet the market’s supply.
  • Lab grown loose diamonds are customizable.
  • Lab grown loose diamonds are graded according to the 4C’s by grading institutions.

Source: Newsaffinity