How Lab-Grown Diamonds Are Shifting The Idea of Luxury

From the exclusive, limited edition footwear drops to rare, antique designer handbags, luxury comes in many forms and means something different to every person. What happens, however, when our luxury purchases are significantly impacting communities, wildlife and most importantly, our planet? Do we change our ways or do we continue down the same path with finite, dwindling resources?

Today consumers are shifting away from the long-standing idea that owning rare, unique diamond jewelry is the only way to achieve luxury every day. Who says you can’t have that expensive, luxury look of fine jewelry at a fraction of the cost and without the environmental issues associated with sourcing and creating it? Many lab-grown diamonds and lab-grown gemstones have an appeal that is comparable to their earth-mined counterparts.

Young, savvy, conscious shoppers and couples are completely changing the idea of luxury. Luxury is pop culture trends and shopping on social media. Luxury is being a conscious consumer and actively doing what we can to save and repair our planet. When it comes to fine jewelry, luxury is lab-grown diamonds.

According to a recent article from ​Forbes​, consumers today are demanding environmental and social responsibility from the industry, most especially the Millennials and GenZ consumers who are the primary target market for engagement diamonds.

Source: Luxuo