How to Select the Perfect Lab-Grown Diamond?

Getting engaged is a memorable milestone in anyone’s life and the thought and preparation invested into a proposal is most daunting for the layman. To pull off the perfect proposal, you need the perfect ring; it’s what your fiancée will be showing off to everyone she knows (and maybe doesn’t know)!

Although Lab-Grown diamonds are evaluated on the same scale as their mined counterparts, more general terminology is used when it comes to classifying these gems. Here are a few terms to keep in mind when you begin shopping for your Lab-Grown diamond engagement ring:

  • Eye Clean: this means that the stone must have no flaws visible to the naked eye.
  • Colorless: this means that the stone should have as little color as possible.
  • Symmetrical Cut: the stone should have good proportions whereby it is neither too deep nor too shallow, as well as a normal edge (girdle) which is not too thick or thin.
  • Carat Size: this refers to the size (weight) of the diamond unlike “Karat” which refers to the quality of gold.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle