Lab-Grown Diamonds – The Hidden Blossoming Gemstone!

Diamonds are forever, they’re a girl’s best friend and they’re also the most tangible symbol of longevity, love, and commitment that is present in our modern world. Though we can thank the N.W. Ayer marketing group for their early work in popularizing the stone around the early 1900s, an equally brilliant and lustrous diamond has emerged onto the scene since then which has radically altered both by the pricing of diamonds and the way in which they can be procured.

Costing about 20% to 30% less than naturally occurring diamonds, lab grown diamonds offer a great pricing advantage. For those of us who are more conscious about the price, cultured diamonds offer a very attractive alternative indeed. Investing in cultured diamonds typically comes with an increase in clarity and carat weight for the same price. On top of this, cultured diamonds allow for on-demand coloring!

Coloring aside, cultured diamonds are also eco-friendly as they don’t have to be imported from other countries. Instead, they can be grown and purchased right in our area. Though all-natural diamonds sold in America have stringent safeguards put in place to ensure that they do not have any conflicts tied to them, there can never be any questions about conflicts with cultured diamonds.

This makes lab grown cultured diamonds very equally suitable to natural diamonds purchased in America of the same cut and carat. For those of us wishing to invest less in a forever piece, considering cultured diamonds has been an extremely popular and viable option for many years which equally represents the longevity and beauty that diamonds hold.

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