LGDC to Create First Sustainability Standard in the Diamond and Jewelry Market

The Lab Grown Diamond Council (LGDC) has retained an internationally recognized third-party certifier and standards developer, SCS Global Services (SCS), to create the first sustainability standard in the diamond and jewelry market.

Certification to this premier standard will involve a comprehensive assessment of the lab grown diamond production process, compliance auditing, diamond testing, and traceability, and will result in the issuance of SCS Sustainably Grown Diamond certification mark. This consumer-focused mark will be geared toward point-of-sale messaging and advertising.

Like other sustainability standards in the marketplace, the new standard will address environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic viability. Formal roll-out of the standard is expected by the beginning of 2020, at which time producers will be eligible to apply. Once certified, individual companies will be able to use the Sustainably Grown Diamond label in communications to both the trade and consumer markets.

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