Mined Diamonds: Are They Truly Worth It?

The moral bankruptcy of the diamond industry has become increasingly evident within the last few years, causing consumers to question the worthiness of the so-called “precious” gem. Sure, these diamonds have monetary value, but when it comes to an ethical and moral standpoint, mined diamonds and their industry are tainted by the irreversible environmental damage across the globe, as well as the total disregard to the labour rights and proper working conditions of exploited workers. Is any diamond worth such havoc against our planet and its people?

Diamond mining is an extremely invasive and catastrophically damaging process. It threatens biodiversity, as many lakes, ocean eco-systems, habitats, and agricultural lands are permanently ravaged and no longer viable. The process of extracting diamonds from the Earth’s depths continue to poison the environment long after operations have ceased, leaving these excavated pits open without replacing material. Approximately 3.3. million cubic yards of soil and plant life are scraped away per day to obtain these gems. Diamond mines like this reach sizes so large that they can be seen from space! The damage to the Earth is indescribable, and has left major diamond producing countries like Sierra Leone with complete loss of agricultural soil and farming fields, as well as polluted water. Artisanal diamond miners are also faced with unsafe working conditions, violations to human rights, exposure to health issues, poverty, and some are subjected to child labour. Not a single mined diamond is worth this kind of moral abandonment. Consumers need an ethical and environmentally friendly alternative, and luckily, there is one: lab-grown diamonds.

If you believe in having a high ethical standard when buying any product, then a lab-grown diamond engagement ring is the perfect choice for you. Identical quality to a mined diamond, 100% ethically made, and 30-40% less expensive than a traditional mined diamond. No environmental damage occurs and no workers are subjected to inhumane conditions, making it a win-win situation for everyone.

Source: kinetique.co.uk/diamond-mining-awareness