Natural Diamonds Are Not That Rare!

It was reported this past July by MIT that more than a quadrillion ton of diamonds had been detected below the Earth’s surface.

This unimaginable amount of diamonds is located approximately 145-240 kilometers below the Earth’s surface, which is deeper than any modern drill could ever reach.To put that into perspective, the deepest penetration of the Earth’s surface that has ever occurred was 9.1 kilometers, meaning these newly discovered gems are nearly 27x deeper than any other drilling expedition ever recorded.

According to researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, this discovery has shown that diamonds may not be that rare as previously perceived and recorded throughout history.

Diamonds are born from carbon, and naturally develop deep within the Earth under high-pressure and extremely hot temperatures.

The growth process of a diamond can take millions of years. Only after tens of millions of years do the gems reach a point near the Earth’s surface where they are able to be mined.They draw closer to the Earth’s surface through the occurrence of volcanic eruptions, and seismic activity deep within the Earth which rarely take place.

This amazing discovery leads us to believe that there may potentially be even larger diamond caches below the Earth surface, which will take hundreds of millions of years to be retrieved.