Statistics Behind Proposal Season and Holiday Engagements

You may notice that during the time between October and December, your Facebook and Instagram feeds will be full of holiday-related engagements. Every year, we always see the photos of kissing couples, with the shared captions of “I SAID YES!”. This pattern of proposal timing has now created the idea of “proposal season”, and continues to inspire others to get engaged around the same holidays.

A study done by Brides Magazine found very clear trends around engagements during end-of-the-year holidays. Most people expect Valentine’s Day to be the most popular date to propose since it is a whole day about love and romance, but this is not the case. Turns out, the few weeks between American Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day are when the most engagements occur. The statistics show that 19% of US engagements occur in the month of December, which is more than any other single month. There are a few reasons as to why December is so popular. Firstly, the last week of December in particular is spent with family and friends for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and other religious holidays, as well as New Year’s Eve. Being surrounded by the ones you love serves as the perfect moment to pop the question, creating a moment everyone will remember forever. Another reason takes an economic approach, and factors into account holiday bonuses that could go towards the purchase of a ring.

According the study, “71 percent of people who got engaged changed their status on Facebook. Beyond that, 59 percent of them chose to do so with an accompanying picture of the ring.” Now that proposal season is approaching as the start of autumn is just around the corner, definitely expect to see some sparkly rings and adorable couple photos on your feeds!

Source: Johns Hopkins Medicine