The Democratic World of Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds were introduced to the jewellery world in 2013–14, but scientists had been creating diamond material in their labs for decades. A lot of high-end technical applications (surgical & precision equipment, machinery with diamond bits, and sophisticated electronics) are now supported by diamond made in laboratories. That’s innovation & key to a whole new world of applications!

At a molecular level, diamonds made in laboratory are identical to those that are dug from a mine. It’s as pretty, shiny and sparkly as … well, a diamond!
This is a big disruption for the jewellery world.

Lab grown diamonds have hurled the diamond industry towards a reluctant democracy — where consumer gets the final choice. So, now the consumer can decide
(i) what type of diamond to buy;
(ii) and choose the size, quality of diamond depending on their own budgets.

The debate over what makes a diamond a diamond continues, but the lab grown diamonds are edging closer to widespread acceptance. One of the coolest things about lab grown diamonds is the fact that you are fully aware of its origin — produced by technology, definitely no conflict roots and an overall cleaner looking diamond.

So, would you still pay a premium ($$) for a earth dug diamond which may or may not have come from countries with humanitarian issues? It’s a choice we make.