The Future of the Lab-created Diamond Industry Seems Shining Bright

The diamond industry was striving with the sale of natural diamonds until human-made diamonds made an entry in the 1950s to disrupt the market. The preconceived notion that ‘Man-made diamonds are fake,’ was ruled off when the whole world and the diamond industry came to know of the truth, ‘Man-made diamonds are real diamonds.’ 

The fact that people believed loose lab-created diamonds to be fake was the main reason limiting the growth of the human-made diamond industry. However, now lab-grown loose diamonds are giving a fierce competition to natural diamonds. Many reasons to support the growth are; awareness, celebrities promoting human-made diamonds, eco-friendly. 

The natural diamonds reserves will go empty by 2030 (Source: Report by Bain & Co.), then how will the demand be met? Human-made diamonds is the solution! Jewelers, designers, retailers, diamond agents, brands, all are supporting human-made diamonds.

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