The Green Carpet Fashion Awards 2019

This year was the 3rd annual Green Carpet Fashion Awards (GCFA) held in Milan, with many celebrities and designers in attendance wearing vintage, rented, and ethically produced outfits. The night was dedicated to those in the fashion industry who have “embraced real change” in terms of creating pieces with an ethical, sustainable story behind them.

Twelve awards were presented to the entrepreneurs, small businesses, craftsmen, and designers who have shown the most commitment to implementing ethical practices and standards within their pieces and companies. François-Henri Pinault, the winner of the GCFA Visionary Award, used his acceptance speech to urge more brands to join the movement of “responsible fashion”. “We need to act together, to take concrete action…Let’s join the Fashion Pact, to make fashion clean and great again”, he said on stage to his peers.

One piece that was a favorite amongst the stars was lab-grown diamond jewelry. Actress Sophia Loren was seen wearing a natural diamond necklace. Co-host of the GCFA, Adut Akech, accessorized her baby blue gown with naturally sourced (Chopard) diamond earrings.

It is clear that the industry is listening and changing its narrative as we speak. While we still have a long way to go, the efforts of those recognized at the GCFA is an incredible start. Awareness is key, and the more educated companies come about with sustainable practices they can implement into their own manufacturing processes, the greater the impact they can make not only between their consumers and themselves, but for this planet all together.