The Ultimate Guide to Ethical Jewellery

There are few conversations that have become as profoundly important as that of sustainability. As the climate crisis edges its way towards the point of no return, examining the environmental impact of consumption is imperative.

The world of jewellery is now part of this conversation. Today, jewellery can not only be beautiful, but ethical too. As consumers, it is now possible to understand where each piece comes from and how sustainable it actually is - though a tall order for even the most environmentally conscious among us.

Mined diamonds often pass through several owners making it a challenge to trace their origin, rendering assessing their sustainability difficult.

Man-made diamonds (also called aboveground diamonds) are identical to mined diamonds; the stones grow through the same processes that occur in the Earth’s layers, but unlike mined diamonds, they aren’t grown underground and so do not raise any questions about their social or environmental impact. Jewellery brands employ engineers to grow aboveground diamonds under controlled conditions, often with no carbon footprint at all.

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