What Exactly Are Man-Made Diamonds?

Lab created diamonds are different from simulated diamonds & mined diamonds in that they are grown by scientists in a laboratory. Scientists are able to simulate the Earth’s diamond creation process; however, instead of forming naturally below the earth’s surface in the Earth’s crust, scientists are able to create these man-made diamonds above ground. Lab grown diamonds are a great eco-friendly option because they have the same visual & chemical properties as mined diamonds, without causing detrimental effects on the Earth and nature. Additionally, lab created diamonds are typically better quality when it comes to the 4 Cs.

The reason lab created diamonds are becoming more popular is because of the technology behind it. Did you know that man-made diamond technology has been around for almost a century, but it wasn’t until this decade that scientists have been able to create perfect synthetic diamond imitations? That means that these ethical, conflict-free, lab grown diamonds are better than mined diamonds in every way.

Source: Glamour Life