Why Are Lab-Grown Diamonds The Best Kept Secret?

As lab-grown diamonds continue to attract much attention with the public at large, they are fast gaining in popularity and are becoming a better alternative for engagement rings.
Here are some of the top reasons:

They’re 100% real diamonds 
Unlike cubic zirconium or moissanite, these are not simulants but are real in every sense of the word. Their only difference is that they are created in a laboratory as opposed to being mined.

They’re indistinguishable from earth-mined diamonds
As they are made up of pure carbon and possess the exact same chemical, optical and physical properties as earth mined diamonds, even trained experts require the aid of advanced technology to differentiate between these.

Lab-grown diamonds are packed with value 
They are significantly cheaper than their mined counterparts, hence you get more value for your money.

Lab-grown diamonds are the answer for environmentally conscious couples 
It’s no secret that traditional mining methods have a serious impact on the environment. By eliminating the part of the process where large portions of land mass are destroyed, lab-grown diamonds are a faultless choice for couples who want to be eco-friendly.

Lab-grown diamonds are totally conflict-free 
Not only do lab-grown diamonds ensure that they are not fulled by political unrest, but they also ensure safe labor practices with fair wages and no child labor.

Source: www.ruffledblog.com