Why Choose Conflict-Free Jewelry?

Customers are now more aware than ever that there can be social human rights issues with diamonds, and they should bear in mind where and how the diamond was mined.
By choosing to purchase a conflict-free diamond, whether, for an engagement ring, earrings or necklace, it is comforting to know that you are supporting ethical mining practices.

As an extra eco-friendly option, why not consider a man-made diamond? Despite being created in a lab, man-made diamonds are real diamonds. They have the exact same chemical and physical properties as natural diamonds – the only difference is where they come from.

Natural diamonds were formed under conditions of great pressure and high temperatures within the earth’s crust, whereas man-made diamonds are grown in a lab by recreating similar conditions. They are made to an identical hardness rating and chemical composition, meaning they will refract light and sparkle in the same beautiful way as natural diamonds. To the naked eye, even trained gemologists can’t tell the difference between a natural or man-made diamond.

Every consumer should give some thought to where their diamonds are coming from. Lab-created stones provide greater peace of mind – a sustainable choice with absolutely no conflict to worry about. They offer a reduced carbon footprint due to the low-energy lab process, especially when compared to traditional mining.

It is becoming increasingly important for us as consumers to make conscious purchases, and ethical jewelry is an important step towards sustainability and a low carbon footprint.

Source: Heartland Newsfeed