Why Should You Buy a Lab-Grown Diamond?

With its exponential rise in popularity, more and more couples are considering purchasing a lab-grown diamond engagement ring. Many of these couples are part of the new booming millennial consumer demographic, which is changing the diamond industry from the inside out. While many people are open to the idea of having a lab-grown diamond instead of a mined diamond, educating yourself about what a lab-grown diamond is and what its benefits are is extremely important. This can undoubtedly open your eyes to why lab-grown is the obvious choice with the obvious reasons being:

  1. Identical Quality to a Mined Diamond

    It is a common misconception that lab-grown diamonds are the same as cubic zirconia or moissanite. In reality, lab-grown diamonds are chemically and physically identical to diamonds drawn from the Earth! In order to grow a diamond in a lab, diamond seeds are subjected to the same environmental process that earth diamonds experience, like high levels of pressure and extreme heat. While a diamond grown from the Earth may take millions of years to form and reach surface level, it is possible to grow a diamond in a lab in 6-8 weeks (which includes the ‘cool down’ period). In order to spot any minor physical differences between a lab-grown and mined diamond, you would need to observe both through extremely expensive and advanced technology. 

  2. Saving lots of $$$

    Diamonds can be very, very expensive. Many younger consumers who are now in the typical age frame to get engaged are burdened with other financial responsibilities, and simply cannot afford the outrageous pricing of a diamond. This is not the case with lab-grown diamonds. They are 30-40% cheaper than mined diamonds and even more the bigger the size, meaning you can get a bigger diamond for less! Couples now don’t have to worry about going into debt over celebrating their love for one another, and that’s a huge plus!

  3. Environmentally Friendly

    Do you know the true detrimental effects that mining has on the planet? Not only does diamond mining impact agriculture, small communities and cause irreversible damage to the soil, but mining is now turning to the ocean to search for diamonds as well which will result in the pollution of underwater eco-systems and ultimately harm our marine life! None of these actions are necessary when you can grow a diamond of the same quality and size in a lab. Doesn’t it seem like common sense?

  4. Known Origin

    With a mined diamond, you will never truly know the origin of that gem. The unethical and non-eco-friendly practices of diamond mining that taint a diamond are never known to the final buyer, which is extremely problematic. Consumers deserve to know how their products are made, where they came from, and who was involved in the process of manufacturing the item. Many third-world countries are exploited for their resources in the diamond industry, and many are guilty of worker exploitation and child labor. With a lab-grown diamond, the buyer knows exactly where the diamond came from, and can take pride in knowing that they contributed to safe, ethical practices in the industry!

    Source: greatheights.com