Conflict-Free Diamonds

What is a conflict free diamond?

A conflict-free diamond is mined without any connection to - or financing of - rebel or terror groups. Diamonds that don't abide by this are commonly referred to as conflict or blood diamonds.

What is the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme?

The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) was initiated by diamond producing nations, non-governmental organizations and the United Nations in an attempt to prevent “conflict diamonds” from entering the world market.

As per its definition, a conflict diamond is “a diamond mined in a controlled area whereby the proceeds are used to fund anti-government military action.”

The downfall with this Scheme is that not all diamond fuelled violence occurs in countries officially at war, and since it only applies to rough diamonds, it is practically impossible to track the origin of mined diamonds once they have been polished into finished gemstones.

Furthermore, this current definition fails to take into account the humanitarian impact as well as the environmental consequences. For a diamond to be ethically sourced it must be mined with strict labor practices, ensuring fair wages, safe working conditions and making sure child labor is not used. It must also make sure that no serious environmental harm is caused to the eco-system.

How can you make sure your diamond is ethical?

As a consumer, your opinion matters and you have a lot of influence to put an end to the harmful market for “conflict diamonds”.

By purchasing a Lab-Grown diamond from GEMIFIQUE, not only will you feel better by ensuring that your diamond does not come from someone else’s suffering, but you are also contributing towards a greener tomorrow for future generations.

We, at GEMIFIQUE, pride ourselves with the fact that we only offer Lab-Grown diamonds, paving the way to ensure that we make this positive contribution to our communities!