Diamond Certification

A diamond certificate is a grading report by a certified grading laboratory (a different type of laboratory than one that grows diamonds) to specify that all the specifications relating to the diamond in question are true and accurate. In simple terms, a diamond certificate gives you the diamond’s exact weight in carats, dimensions (in millimeters), cut grading, clarity grading, color grading, finish (symmetry and polish) as well as fluorescence and any other special remarks regarding the diamond in question.

This report will have been produced by a group of highly trained gemologists who will have scrutinized, measured and evaluated the diamond using their skills and special tools such as microscopes, calipers and jeweler’s loupes. 

At GEMIFIQUE, we ensure that all our Lab-Grown diamonds above 0.33ct are certified by an accredited international grading laboratory so you can buy with complete confidence. These grading laboratories include: 
  • Gem Certification & Assurance Laboratory (GCAL)
  • International Gemological Institute (IGI)

Diamond Grading Certificate from the International Gemological Institute

Why Do You Need a Diamond Grading Certificate for Larger Stones?

A certificate serves as proof when determining a diamond’s value and is beneficial with larger diamonds. It simply describes the quality specifications of a particular diamond in order to place a monetary value on it.

Considering the value of your acquisition, it is always wise to insure your gems as they are easily lost or stolen items. A certificate could be required for insurance appraisals and will justify the quality and value of your purchase.