Our Diamonds

eye clean diamonds

At GEMIFIQUE, Lab-Grown diamond quality is our passion and we live our motto...

Let Love Be Your Legacy, Not Your Carbon Footprint

Crafted with the finest metals and our high-grade quality USA Lab-Grown diamonds, we guarantee that the diamonds we selected for all our collections will appear beautifully white, without imperfections visible via non-magnified observation (Eye Clean Diamonds). 

Diamond grading chart  

In order to obtain the best value for your money, our color range is ideally selected to be Near Colorless and our clarity ensures that the imperfections are Very Small to Slightly Included, only to be seen under 10x magnification but impossible to detect with the naked eye. 

It is our White/Eye Clean Guarantee!

At GEMIFIQUE, we ensure that all our Lab-Grown diamonds above 0.33ct are certified by an accredited international grading laboratory so you can buy with complete confidence. These grading laboratories include: 
  • Gem Certification & Assurance Laboratory (GCAL)
  • International Gemological Institute (IGI)

Diamond grading certificate by the International Gemological Institute