Which Metal to Select

Gemifique delivers quality craftsmanship on your unique designs and thus offers numerous metals to design your ring with, among the most popular being Gold and Platinum but we can also create your dream design in Silver as well.

Gold can be referred as “The Metal of all Ages” and although it does not tarnish, corrode or rust, it is however the most malleable of all metals and is thus too soft to be used in its pure state. For this reason it is alloyed with other metals such as copper, zinc, nickel, rhodium or silver to enhance its durability as well as determine its color range.


Its Purity is measured in “Karat” with the benchmark set at 24-Karat being pure Gold.

We, at Gemifique, craft our jewelry in 18-Karat whereby 75% is pure gold and the remaining 25% consist of other metals to enhance its durability for every day wear. However we can also design your ideal ring in 14-Karat settings which consist of 58% pure gold and the remaining 42% with various other alloys, as well as 10-Karat settings made up of 41% pure gold while the remaining 59% will comprise mainly of copper, zinc, nickel and manganese.


Gold may appear in various colors depending on the metal with which it is alloyed and the percentage of each alloy. 
Gemifique can offer you three colors of gold to design your unique setting with, depending on which type of look and feel you which to create.

Yellow Gold

This is by far the most common color found in bespoke jewelry and is mixed with copper and silver to obtain its warmth. Should you opt for 18-Karat yellow gold, this will be richer than 14-Karat yellow gold since more “pure gold” has been used in the alloy, however at the expense of durability.

When choosing this color, it is important to be mindful about your diamond selection. Yellow gold is the perfect companion for slightly tinted diamonds when designing your engagement ring.

White Gold

This has become a popular trend in engagement ring designs as its appearance resembles that of platinum. Its composition is the same as yellow gold but is also alloyed with manganese, palladium or nickel and is furthermore plated with rhodium to achieve a true white finish. Although durable, this rhodium plating eventually wears over time but can be replated to restore the whiteness of the metal.

White gold is the perfect complement with our White/Eye Clean recommended selection.

Rose Gold

This color is fast becoming fashionable and is alloyed with copper to achieve its pink color. The amount of copper in the alloy will invariably determine the redness of the metal, but we at Gemifique strive to keep our composition based on 75% gold and 25% copper in order to achieve the maximum effect.

The beauty about this color is that it is compatible with any color gemstone.


Dubbed as “The Metal of Kings”, platinum has grown tremendously in popularity as the preferred choice for diamond engagement ring settings. Its appeal lies both in its appearance as well as its durability, making it the strongest precious metal used in jewelry and the perfect choice for daily wear.

Platinum is best suited with our White/Eye Clean colorless diamonds.


Although significantly cheaper than all previous metals, silver has been labelled as “The Queen of Metals” due to its highly reflective properties. Unpractical in its natural state due to its softness and malleability, it is combined with copper to improve its hardness and is thereby referred to “Sterling Silver”, consisting of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper.

Silver is an excellent alternative to white gold or platinum and is actually the preferred choice by many as it is more affordable and extremely attractive.

Pricing Your design

When it comes to pricing your unique jewelry setting, this is based on various factors such as the Karat purity of gold, the amount (in ounces) of gold, platinum or silver used in designing your setting as well as the design and craftsmanship invested for your personal attention.