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Why Buy a Lab-Grown Diamond?

Diamonds have long been one of the most sought after and desirable gemstones.  The sparkling rainbow colors which they display along with their exceptional hardness make them the favorite choice for many people.  Few could argue that they are the most popular gem for engagement rings and diamond set wedding bands are also becoming increasingly popular.

Since the 1950s laboratory techniques have been developed to produce a true man made diamond, equal in composition and with all the same attributes as a naturally formed mined diamond created billions of years ago in the earth’s crust.

Today, these techniques are so sophisticated that it is possible to create a true replica diamond in a matter of weeks!  These man made diamonds are of exceptional quality and should not be confused with simulated gems such as cubic zirconium, crystal or moissanite.  These are diamonds in every sense of the word and display the exact same chemical and optical properties as natural mined diamonds.

So why choose a lab-grown diamond instead of a natural mined gem?

* Man made diamonds are cheaper, so you get a bigger diamond for your budget.

* The quality is exceptionally high, giving you great clarity, brilliance and   flawlessness.

* They are ethical and eco-friendly, causing no damage to the environment.

* They do not finance conflict and civil wars, as in the case of "blood diamonds".

* There are no human rights issues and no unfair labor practices.

When you consider these benefits, is it really so important that your diamond originates from the earth’s crust and is mined in the traditional way?

Science is now able to replicate nature in creating high quality, beautiful, ethical diamonds with all the properties of the natural gemstone.  The only difference is their origin.

We at Gemifique pride ourselves with the fact that we are contributing to a greener future and aspire to deliver a unique online shopping experience. All our gems are certified with an IGI certificate and honesty and integrity are the core values of our foundation.